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Employment Contract Templates

Enterprise AgreementScouring the web for an employment contract template? Looking for a specific industry or Award contract template? Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? We can help.

Every Award is different. Many contain specific conditions and simply ‘paying above the award’ does not necessarily mean you are automatically meeting the Award conditions.

Does your workplace prefer individual employment contracts to ensure each employee can discuss their workplace entitlements?

Or, is an Enterprise Agreement more aligned to your workplace to ensure equality and transparency across the board?

Remember, whatever type of employment contract is right for your business you still need to make sure you meet the National Employment Standards introduced in January 2010.

If your current contract is still offering five days sick leave in the first year and eight days each year after that then you need our help urgently. No business is above the law and ignorance is no excuse.

Confused? We can help you decide on the best employment contract option for your business.

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